Over time, some of the formulas have undergone name changes for various reasons. In order to help you locate the product that you are looking for, here is a list of the original names along with their current one.

Original NameCurrent Name
AdrenetoneAdrenal Formula
Anti-PlagueSuper Garlic Immune Formula
AntspAnti-Spasmodic Formula
AR-1Joint Formula
B&B AlcoholEar & Nerve Formula
B&B GlycerineNerve Formula
Barberry LGLiver & Gallbladder Formula
Bee PowerBee Power Energy Formula
BF&CComplete Tissue & Bone Formula
BillbriteBilberry Eye Formula
Black OintmentBlack Ointment
BPEBlood Circulation Formula
Bugleweed ComboHeavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula
Calc TeaHerbal Calcium Formula
Catnip & FennelStomach Comfort Formula
Cayenne Massage OilCayenne Heat Massage Oil
ChangeaseHormonal Changease
Chickweed OintmentItch Ointment
CMGRespiratory Syrup
CMMRash Formula
CSKAppetite Formula
Deep Heating BalmCayenne Heat Ointment
DRIBladder Formula
EphedrateanSinus & Lung Formula
FematoneFemale Tonic Formula
Fen LBLower Bowel Formula
GR&PCold Season Formula
Hawthorn Berry SyrupHawthorn Berry Heart Syrup
Herbal CompositionChest Formula
Herbal Cough SyrupHerbal Cough Syrup
Herbal EyebrightHerbal Eyebright
Herbal ThyroidHerbal Thyroid
Herbal Tooth PowderHerbal Tooth and Gum Powder
ImmutoneImmune System Formula
INFLymphatic Formula
JuniparsKidney Formula
Jurassic Green PowderJurassic Green Powder
Kelp-TThyroid Mainenance
MascutoneMale Tonic Formula
Master Gland FormulaMaster Gland Formula
MEMMemory Plus Formula
MetaburnMetaburn Herbal Weight Formula
Mullein OilRespiratory Massage Oil
Mullein & LobeliaGlandular System Formula
Nose OintmentAromatic Nose Therapy Ointment
Nu-FemFemale Reproductive Formula
Panc TeaPancreas Formula
Plantain OintmentSting & Bite Formula
Pre-NatalPre-Natal Formula
Pre-TracLiver Transition Formula
ProspallateMale Urinary Tract Formula
ProspalmettoProstate Plus Formula
Red Clover ComboBlood Stream Formula
Resp-FreeLung & Bronchial Formula
Sen Sei BalmSen Sei Menthol Rub Ointment
SHA TeaSinus Plus Formula
Smoke OutSmoke Out
TNT #1Quick Colon Formula Part 1
TNT #2Quick Colon Formula Part 2
VF SyrupHerbal Parasite Formula
Wild Lettuce & ValerianValerian Nerve Formula
Yellow Dock ComboHerbal Iron Formula